Wednesday, May 27, 2009

'Babes in the Woods' - process 2

Got the Babes drawn in charcoal on the canvas. This stage is where the drawing acts as a map for the painting ... everything is on and more or less in the right place. It will be an oil painting but ...

... the under painting is being done in acrylic. I am painting quite wet and am hoping to pull all the mass shapes together. This painting is based upon multiple photos and lots of small drawings. I am still leaning on the photos for reference but hoping that by the time the under painting is finished I have moved on to painting straight from imagination.

Will it work?

Sadly 'Tree Dancer' did not get accepted for the R.A.'s Summer Exhibition. The rejection letter, besides pricking my confidence, speaks of almost 10,000 entries so reminding me that this exhibition is intended to be a money spinner for the Academy. So hauling my confidence back into place I have entered it into the 'Threadneedle' competition.

So why have I put my work up for this sort of judgment? I think I want some sort of indicator if I can run with the big boys. Rejection will tell me ... 'not yet' ... and eventually .... maybe ... perhaps ...

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Blogger Graham said...

I like the way this one is developing Lorna, your compositions have been particularly strong of late :)...Bad luck with the were not alone...Fingers cross the 'Shoe painter' will get in and we can share in her winnings ;) Keep trying, we'll all get there eventually :)

1:58 pm  

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