Friday, April 17, 2009

'Rainbow Strike'; process-2

Graham has commented upon my use of layout paper to refine my drawings. He ruefully confesses to ruining his watercolour paper with a drawing that fails to work. I discovered the joys of layout paper in my design days in the pre-computer era. Productivity required starting with thumbnail sketches to work the basis of the idea out and then moving to drawing on layout paper. It is semi-see through especially on a light box but opaque enough to draw on. The finished drawing in those days was ether a marker drawing on paper similar to layout (no bleed through) or tracing the drawing out on quality paper.

So now a days, when the drawing is to my satisfaction, I scan it to the computer and print it out using DuraBrite ink in my printer onto watercolour paper. This ink is both water and light proof and allows me to cut out the laborious re-drawing when the painting fails. I am using this technique today as I am unsure of how I am proceeding on the imaginative part of this painting. It is liberating experimenting without having to go back to the absolute beginning each time.

I define the media in the finished painting as 'watercolour' when I have only used the computer for scanning my drawing.

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