Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wentworth House

I have still not resolved my difficulty in photographing these small oil canvases. Any advice would be welcome.

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Blogger Graham said...

Photographing work is a bit of a nightmare isn’t it. I’ve found the best place here is on the doormat by the back door, with the door open, in the morning. Then you get all the natural light, with minimal glare…I’d really like to get a set of photographic lights one day….but that’ll have to wait a while I think :)

Love the colours in the tiles on this one Lorna, they really lead you up to the door beautifully :)

7:19 pm  
Blogger A. Morgan said...

Graham's comment is good and also practical. If you have a couple of "daylight" bulbs and a tripod, you could place them so that they illuminate from opposite sides of the picture, and photograph from above. You would need to really have a hood/reflector around the bulbs so you can direct their energy without having the light reflecting back into the camera lens.

1:44 pm  

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