Monday, June 02, 2008

Moral censorship problem with 'Dryad'

I have always been surprised by the concern expressed about my nude paintings as I regard them as non sexy or salacious. So in painting 'Dryad' with a view to trying for the 2009 RA Summer Exhibition my only concern was carrying it modestly covered on public transport as 'the nude' has an established place in art.

However ... I have always known that indecent photos of children were against the law. Nan Goldin's innocent photos of her children were removed from exhibition last year because they were considered pornographic. It has now been proposed that drawings and computer-generated images of child sex abuse would be made illegal. I can not see the RA being controversial so with reluctance I am going to cover M in my painting. My apologies to SueC and M as we are all innocent of any indecency.

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Blogger Miss T said...

This is a very thorny issue isn't it? However, I guess there's always a problem of any art involving children, as can they be said to give informed consent?

Plus, your links to SueC's page, made it very easy to identify and locate M., which could have been a worry.

Actions always have consequences, and they are often not the ones we intend. For instance your portrait of me being labelled 'Lesbian Art'.

I guess you've made the decision to bow to the 'prevailing moral climate' in order that your painting has a chance of being shown.

5:31 pm  
Blogger keith marrison said...

well I think its a superb painting and very bold, I know that this painting has meant having to work outside of your comfort zone in relation to the style. In a commercial world with pre-determined views of what is acceptabl, we all succumb to altering our art or our views to fit that of the world that surrounds us. I have had the advantage of seeing this and many of your other paintings come to fruition and now being able to watch you re-evaluate this painting and what will make it a piece of art will be a pleasure. I always enjoy discussing the finer points of your art and its meaning. All in all its a great piece of art and very bold, but due to the potential Market of the piece I think you have made a wise decision, this shows great integrity as an artist.

12:06 am  
Blogger SueC said...

It is truly a sad reflection of the culture we live in. A wise and thoughtful decision though.

3:26 pm  
Blogger Cadiz said...

There are millions of child pornography transactions, an estimate 700,000 by teachers over three years.

The only data in the public domain, came from G/TIP affiliates, or FBI, the Brit govt. kept it secret, until it was too late. I'm telling you, in Britain, it is too late.

Best option, polygraph all male teachers in primary schools, or start to home school. Do one or do the other.

3:16 am  

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