Thursday, May 17, 2007

Updates - watching paint dry & diverse things

My oil paintings are still too wet to paint on yet. Sigh! I think it will be at least another week before I can even consider trying.

I experimented last night with printing my own business cards. I used some perforated card stock and discovered that you can not print on the back. The pictures on the back bleed out into some interesting patterns but otherwise unusable. The quality of the card stock is no where as nice as the professionally printed cards I used to have but it will have the advantage of at least being easy to update and cheap.



Blogger vivien said...

I buy thin card - 180gms? or 200gsm? from Viking Direct and then use a trimmer/guillotine thingy to cut them with instead of paying for the perforated stuff. They deliver the same day if you ring in the morning.

If you combine it with an order for inks for your printer when you need them it's enough so you don't pay postage, so I order a few things at a time but with long gaps between orders.

It works really well.

You get 250 sheets for well under £5 - and it's useful for birthday cards too!

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