Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back to paint!

Painted M out at last ... with way to much emotion ... may have to scrape back in the morning!

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Blogger SueC said...

Glad to hear that the arthritis must be easing if you are painting again> I am also sad that M has been banished and honestly hope that she makes a reappearance. The composition was too good not to. Maybe a compromise, with more foreground foliage???

8:14 am  
Blogger Lorna said...

Sadly even rationing myself to an hour I am in pain again. I think this will be my last large painting.

I agree that the composition was better with M in it but I think that politically I was wise to remove her. Strategic foliage was not an option in the end.

I am thinking of renaming it as 'Dryad with removed Handmaiden'.

8:53 am  
Blogger SueC said...

Love the name.

9:07 am  
Blogger ian gordon said...

I've been dropping by a few times of an evening, watching this work in progress. I think it's fabulous. I also think (my humble opinion) it may actually be better without the girl. Stronger? More focussed? I think the woman with girl is almost a whole different painting, and (judging from what I saw), well worthy of revisiting.

On a lighter not: "Wanna see a real life Dryad?"

When I was a child the major oak, sherwood forest, was my playground as I lived only about 4 miles of country road away. So i go back often, and gather resources. On one such journey, alone in the very early hours, I gathered 10 acorns from the Major Oak itself, then went about my business sketching and photographing the surrounding area. later, in the studio, I was trying to do some work from this picture , but couldn't make out what an annoying little lump in the branches could be. Certainly, on the day, I'd noticed nothing.

Could it be a Dryad? Watching over those oaks?

In my fanciful imagination, I will always think so!

2:17 pm  
Blogger Lorna said...

Hello Ian

Thank you for your kind comments. I agree that just having SueC makes the image have a tighter focus but it now means I have to rethink the tree. There is a lot going on in it which is difficult to show in a photo.

I love your Dryad story. A good example of pareidolia? Have a look at Gurney Journey blog at

7:04 pm  
Blogger ian gordon said...

I had to look that one up.


11:50 pm  

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