Monday, March 03, 2008

Still underpainting

The under-paint paint colours are drying quickly but I am worried that I have let the blacks get to dark. I am finding Elliott's book confusing and am irritated by the preaching tone at times

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Blogger Graham said...

The blacks look fine on this photo Lorna…I’m assuming by Venetian technique you’re referring to glazing over your underpainting? If so, when I’ve done this I’ve kept the underpainting lighter than pure black before glazing over it, but you can take it down quite a long way, especially when painting areas other than the skin…the highlight areas are obviously fine, because you can just keep working into those…The tricky bits I’ve found are the shadow areas, simply glazing over the underpainting gives a very nice effect and darkening them further is just a case of adding darker colour into the glaze…but If you need to work into that glaze to lighten the shadow, you lose a bit of the magic that this effect gives…so don’t take the underpainting of the flesh down too far would be my advice :)

10:54 pm  
Blogger Lorna said...


I feel reassured that I am on the right track now. I have never painted in this way before.

We are lucky to have the Ashmolean where we can see some of the great painters in the flesh. I am now understanding them better.

12:40 pm  
Blogger Graham said...

Good :) I'll look forward to seeing the results :)

12:59 pm  

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