Friday, October 01, 2010

Mediterranean Window Mural Mess

Mediterranean Window Mural

Heather has asked for a sunny Mediterranean window mural in her kitchen and approved the above Photoshopped mock-up. I drew a same sized cartoon, rubbed charcoal on its back, and  spent six hours crouched on top of a kitchen work surface tracing a transfer. This was uncomfortable and boring. So today, with a sigh of relief, I carefully pulled the low tack tape off and the egg-shell paint started pulling off the bare plaster in bubbles. The decorator had slapped the paint onto the plaster without putting a size on first. I am now seriously concerned about durability.   I will talk to Heather tomorrow about our options. Yes ... I am pissed off!  I should have not assumed anything.



Blogger Unknown said...

That is MOST annoying…lovely mock-up of what you’re aiming for though Lorna, So I’m sure it’ll be worth it all in the end…Don’t envy you having to crouch on the kitchen work surface for all that time however…

10:37 pm  

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