Monday, September 21, 2009

Postbox & Gothic House - Mill Street - Process

What excites me about this door series has been the notion of 'edge' or 'boundary'. This can mean the door as a line between public and private or the edge of dark and light in the shadows. The closed door present one face but the other side could be the far side of the galaxy. The dark shadow hides texture but defines a structure.

The Postbox stands outside the Post Office next to the Betting Shop. It's slot is entrance to missives for the world and the dark shape of the door to the Betting Shop a dangerous place of dreams and excitement.

The Gothic House has been recently refurbished but the front door is a public face looking down Newlands and it yells "look at me". The Victorians intended this to stand for status but the refurbished look hides all sense of the personal. I have been delight to find that the various changes of light here show radical changes of colours and moods. I can not show the wrought iron balcony above the door because the detail is to complex for the small canvases of this series so I shall show the drama of sun and shadows. In the future it would be good to paint again with the cool of the evening light and show the balcony.

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