Sunday, April 20, 2008

Charcoal Sunday

It is peaceful in my studio on Sunday morning. All I can hear is the distant sound of warfare from my son's Xbox. Now I have moved into using oils I am having several pictures on the go to allow resting time for drying.

'Transmogrification' aka 'Dick' now has its under painting finished and will need at least a week to dry. I have started a new charcoal drawing called 'Waiting for the Light' . It is on a cotton canvas 23. x 31. cms. I am enjoying drawing directly to canvas with charcoal as it is so easy to modify the marks with a putty rubber. I have started experimenting with using the dust for a mid tone.

I remembered to check for smuts this time before I went out!

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Blogger Miss T said...

I don't know..there's something attractive about a bit of smuttiness...

11:53 pm  
Blogger keith marrison said...

its not always warfare!!! I think

12:34 pm  

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