Friday, April 20, 2007

Been a busy girl

This one is getting close to completion. The knife needs finishing. Then put out of sight for at least two weeks so I can look at it with fresh eyes.
This is the under painting for 'bones of steel'. I have found this very personal painting very difficult. Once the basic sketch has been done I can normally almost "see" the finished painting. I have done an acrylic under painting so I can develop the work.

I have been an "art tart' for to long and always painted with the intention of selling it for room decoration. This painting has shocked some friends. I am showing myself exposed to bone level ... damage has been done but there is still strength ... life costs. I carry in my lap a spear and spear thrower ... still dangerous.

Feed back for good or bad would be very welcome.


Blogger MortimerBones said...

I like the eyes, they have depth and feeling! The neck muscles look more like bone than muscle.. unless that is what you intended!

It is coming only lovely! I shall enjoy having a closer look later!!!!

6:46 pm  
Blogger SueC said...

This is going to be a very interesting painting to watch develop. Every now and again paintings become really personal and it can make you feel very vulnerable showing how they develop. I'm glad you've decided to share this one.

I wonder about the neck also....I keep wanting to see a spinal neck. The eyes are excellent and the pose is really compelling.

8:09 pm  
Blogger Adam said...

I really love the Keith/knife painting. T'other one has the potential to be the most important thing you've ever done, but I don't think it's quite there yet. I reckon that if you're going to do anatomical stuff, then it has to be right, and this isn't yet. I also struggle to get over teh fact that the face looks like John Major ;-)

9:37 pm  
Blogger Graham said...

Re Bones. I think the further you push your ideas from “real life” the stronger the techniques used to render the final image need to be. The concept behind this picture is really strong and the under painting, very compelling. The challenge now will be to get the paint down in a way that achieves this…Really looking forward to seeing your progress :) A really interesting painting! :)

10:37 pm  
Blogger Miss T said...

It always difficult to work on something you really care about. As the wonderful Harriet Vane (well Dorothy L Sayers) once said "if you really care about something you don't snatch for it".

I am really enjoying this gestation.

12:45 pm  

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