Wednesday, April 15, 2009

'Rainbow Strike'; process-1

The thumbnail for the idea of the new painting based on the scaffold structure and chimneys of 'The Gables'.
This is a darken scan of the first drawing where I tried to map out the structure. I will draw again over this drawing on 'layout' paper' improving as I go ... in theory at least. I will then trace the improved drawing on to watercolour paper ready for painting.

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Blogger Unknown said...

This is a very interesting process Lorna…

I like the idea of working over your drawing with layout paper, improving as you go and then using that to transfer a ‘clean’ design to the watercolour paper. I can see this being a very effective way of holding onto the spontaneity of your sketch while refining things as you need to…without ruining the watercolour paper…

I started a picture months ago on watercolour paper, the follow-up picture to the broken boy/smooth girl one and drew myself into a corner on the watercolour paper…I had the idea for what I wanted to say and ‘rough’ idea of the composition, but I wanted to leave things loose and spontaneous, to let them evolve. That’s how I’d done the previous picture…it was a complete disaster, I ruined the paper and hit a blank wall…haven’t painted anything since…this would be a very effective way of avoiding such problems…

I love the idea of the old chimneys and the modern scaffold…looking forward to seeing it develop :)

I think I’ve finally sorted out my compositional problems and started marking up a canvas today…so painting starts once again…will post it, along with the failed drawing (if I can find it) soon.

Hope to see you for a beer tomorrow Gx

9:20 pm  

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