Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lost Landscapes

Oxford University Press Sports Ground

I've been accepted for a CPRE's juried art competition entitled 'Lost Landscapes'. We are asked to respond to the green spaces that Oxford has earmarked for development. My proposal to the brief:

Our landscapes reflect the way we see ourselves. We give meaning and ascribe values. So whilst visiting these “Lost Landscapes” I felt that the dilapidation and firm ownership boundaries were intentionally excluding us from having a relationship with this land. The message given was that “These places are worthless”.

So I would like to propose an installation of eight oil paint canvases measuring 10. x 8. x 1.8 cm each one representing one of the sites. These canvases will focus on this alienation. They, when appropriate, are to be held and passed round giving the viewer a sense of connection and ownership. I hope that this visual essay will contribute to the discourse led by the CPRE and uncover deeper meanings for the viewer.

The title to this installation should be “Precious Now!”

The exhibition will be held in Bartelmas Chapel of the Cowley Road. The canvases are small and will have gold leaf to encourage touching. We all like shiny things?

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