Monday, December 10, 2007


I confess to being an 'Art/Studio Blog Addict'.

I have little direct contact with other artists. You can see in the side bar of this blog links to my other blogs, links to local artists and friends and a couple of links to other artist's blogs whose work I admire and enjoy reading on a regular basis. However, I have a huge bookmarked list of other art blogs I follow for a variety of reasons. Some of them have indirectly contributed to my artistic development over the last year. So my top five influential blogs are:

Tracy Helgeson for her use of colour in her landscapes.
Tina Mammoser whose work has opened my eyes to the clarity that can be achieved in abstraction.
Kirsty Hall who writes about process in her own work.
Katherine Tyrrel for her many articles on the art world and the resources she provides.
Drawn which is a collaborative blog for people who like to draw and provides a kaleidescope of all kinds of art.



Blogger Kirsty said...

Hi Lorna, thanks for the link to my blog.

I like your drawings, you have a lovely loose and fluid style and your use of colour is great.

2:00 pm  
Blogger Tina Mammoser said...

I've just found your blog too, thanks so much for the mention. Abstraction can be wonderful, and can stem from realistic imagery. :) So glad you're enjoying my blog.

4:36 pm  

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