Friday, September 28, 2007

Miss T avec de nouveaux verres et chaussettes de raie.

Miss T's portrait has been on hold while I waited an opportunity to photo her with her new glasses. I had not been happy with the way her face was going in the painting so I had painted it out. The long wait with the faceless Miss T eventually creeped me out so I was forced to chalk a face in to allow me to eat my breakfast in peace.
So at long last ... ta da! ... the new glasses.

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Blogger Adam said...

I am going to confine myself to two quibbles, viz:

i. You drink from 'verres'. The things you see through are called lunettes.

ii. 'Raie' is a skate, the sort you fry and serve with black butter. I think you mean 'rayees' (I can't get an acute accent on the first e).


1:47 pm  
Blogger Miss T said...

See told you I wasn't going to take all my clothes off again *-)

10:17 pm  

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