Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Painting Miss T"

Started work again on the "sexy portrait" of my friend 'Miss T.' A lot of discussion has gone on about what was wanted from this painting. We talked about the wearing of a 'mask' of vanity in portraits because as ladies of size we are sensitive to society's' attitudes. A, her husband, has some very definite ideas on this subject. She, very bravely, has decided to allow me to be the arbiter of the result because she wanted a good painting rather then flattery.

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Blogger Miss T said...

Thanks for calling me brave Lorna 8-).

I think it's not just about vanity, but the problem of seeing oneself as others see you. That can often be a shock both on a physical and spritual sense.

The picture doesn't have to be sexy - but it has to have the 'essence of me' as you see it (and if that's sexy great).

And yes, I do want a GOOD picture. I want to have something real, that my great-neice or nephew might look at and say "So that's why they locked Aunt Lucy up in the West Wing"

10:36 am  
Blogger Hildegard of Bingen said...

It'll be interesting to see how you show her 'inside' on the 'outside'

Therefore both body and soul exist as a single reality in spite of their different conditions. . . . Up above and down below, on the outside as on the inside, and everywhere - we exist as corporeal beings. [4:103 Book of Divine Works]

1:45 pm  

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