Friday, April 27, 2012

Eynsham Morris Dance, Eynsham

Eynsham Morris Dancer,

Eynsham Morris Dancer
MDF, acrylic gesso, oil
10.2 x 10.2
Lorna Marrison

This was an experiment in oil painting on another surface. I got my local DIY to cut me some small square panels of MDF. I painted it with multiple layers of acrylic gesso on all sides: sanding finely between each layer. It was very smooth by the time I finished. The resulting surface was fabulous for drawing the image but was very slippy when painting. I am used to the drag of canvas and being able to scumble over the top of the grain leaving under painting showing through. I got fed up and left it on the shelf for some time. Some time later when between projects put a couch of oil onto a very dry surface and finished it. Conclusion: I like painting on canvas better.

back of Eynsham Morris Dancer

I asked my friend Graham of the Cuckoo's Nest to frame it in the best way he saw fit. I always struggle when it comes to framing a painting. So it came as a delightful surprise when I saw the result. He took a small quite painting and put it under a dynamic spotlight floating it with in a raised mount with a warm dark frame. Thank you Graham!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wrecked is finished

Wrecked, Osney Island

canvas, oil, oil pastel
25. x 35. cm
Lorna Marrison

I spent sometime last year exploring Osney island. One day I watched two narrow boats with a stag party get itself in a mess on the river. Shakespeare's play 'The Tempest' came to my mind.The resulting picture shows the morris men being wrecked on the island.