Friday, January 06, 2012

Wrecked; a new painting

The start

This is the last planned piece for the Osney Island Exhibition. I have painted the island using the concept of Shakespeare's 'Tempest' as a metonym for the island. In one of my visits to the island I watched two long narrow boats navigated by a Stag party jam their boat across the Thames when they started off in the morning. Clearly their blood alcohol levels were still high.

So I used this event to bring my Morris dancers on to the island as the Mariners and Nobles landed on the island in 'The Tempest'. My out line drawing was printed out to the canvas size; in pieces as the canvas is bigger then a sheet of A4 paper. This was then traced onto the canvas using graphite paper. I have found using this method has speeded up my productivity.

tracing and inking

You can now see the tracing and where I've started inking in with an indian ink pen. I am a little alarmed at how dark the ink lines are but I wanted to be freer with my use of paint this time.


I've only inked in parts of my painting that needed accuracy. All the rest I am happy to paint as I go.

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